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Man, Treyarch CoDs have some tough/tricky achievements...

#1N7SpectrePosted 3/19/2013 3:11:46 PM
The Infinity Ward games are a lot easier to complete and can all be done offline (I was able to get 100% in CoD 2, 4, MW2, and MW3 with little difficulty).

Treyarch's achievements really piss me off though.

-Call of Duty 3: It'll take days to get General even when boosting, years if playing legitimately

-World at War: 10th prestige impossible b/c of modders; some Zombies cheevos are tough

-Black Ops: Zombie Easter Eggs only possible online and need dedicated players

-Black Ops 2: Not hard from what I've heard but still has lengthy multiplayer cheevos.
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#2DrFeelgood1984Posted 3/19/2013 3:34:50 PM
Cool, so don't worry about Achievements and just play the game. Black Ops 2 has like 3 multiplayer Achievements that you will get very easily if you enjoy playing online. If you don't enjoy playing online, then don't !@#$%&* worry about them.