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To those who have played and beaten tomb raider, is it worth $60?

#41mcnichojPosted 3/20/2013 8:30:13 PM
Great story, atmosphere, visuals, is nothing like the old games and has multiplayer.
It's worth it.
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#42zaiwenPosted 3/20/2013 8:44:46 PM
Just got TR yesterday for $31.85. I'm only 4-5 hours into the campaign but i can definitely confirm this early that this game is a worthy addition to an 360 owner even at full retail.

I was hesitant to pay the full $60 since I didn't really get into the earlier games. My last game was one PS1. Glad i made the right decision by giving this game a chance.
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#43Xx_King_Beef_xXPosted 3/20/2013 8:58:28 PM
mrhappyguy12345 posted...
Or is it like uncharted in that once you beat it, there's no real reason to go back and play it again?

If you didn't feel like there was a reason to play through the Uncharted games again after beating them, then I would say that you definitely won't feel like there is a reason to play through Tomb Raider again. At least Uncharted was fun to play through again just because of the Donut Drake skin. I actually played through all three of them three times a piece. Unfortunately, as much as I loved Tomb Raider, I don't see myself playing through it ever again. While it was an incredible experience, I wish I would have waited until the price dropped to buy it.
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#44SS_MetalSonicPosted 3/21/2013 12:04:23 AM
SS_MetalSonic posted...
staticxtreme5 posted...
SS_MetalSonic posted...
ive got 25 hours into it at 63% complete. been trying to collect all hidden items right now but about to push forward soon to finish the game. then i will pick up any collectibles i missed. there are about 6 things i cant seem to find at this moment so i will wait until after i finish the story . i will look for those 6 things later.

after i 100% i will more than likely start a new game. finish it , and then start a new one after that. i can see myself playing this at least 4 or more times. i did with crysis, gears of war, ninja gaiden and this is one of those games for me. i just want to keep playing and playing.

I love this game, and I definitely feel its worth full price, but if you have 25 hours in this game and your only at 63% and haven't beat the game yet then you suck and should quit playing videogames.

Im not in competition with the game i am enjoying it . I never said i was stuck anywhere or struggling to get through it. I dont suck at gaming. I have been in streetfighter tournaments and done well... I am a good gamer. I just like to take my time with games i really like.

Now when i replay the game, i will plow through it .

OK just figured it out. there is something wrong with my steam counter. i played this game yesterday for an hour maybe 2 hours and now steam says i have been playing for 30 hours . so from 25 to 30 hours just like that . apparently my steam counter does not work properly.
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#45Killah PriestPosted 3/21/2013 12:43:22 AM
I thought everyone knew you can't trust steam counters.

hell counters in most games seem to either inflate time spent or not count time spent when you die.
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#46SS_MetalSonicPosted 3/21/2013 2:41:32 AM
lol yeah i must have been the last to find out . i had a feeling when my fallout new vegas save file indicated i had been playing less than the time steam showed. and now this.
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#47dEv7FiRPosted 3/21/2013 2:50:23 AM
Its that awesome feeling that you get when playing a very very good game, but once you complete it there's nothing that makes me wanna go back to it, the MP while isn't terrible its not great either. For me its worth the 60$ just for that amazing experience and even better if there is a deal somewhere.
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