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C/D: You rented or borrowed Avatar: TLA for the easy 1000/1000

#1ToucheAmorePosted 3/22/2013 2:40:23 PM(edited)
C so hard.

Literally 4 minutes for 1000g back when I thought gamerscore meant something.
#2Killah PriestPosted 3/22/2013 2:39:07 PM
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#3knightoffire55Posted 3/22/2013 2:39:24 PM
I rented it because the show is like the kiddy version of RoLW.
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#4Perfect LightPosted 3/22/2013 2:40:01 PM
If I knew someone with a copy I would have.
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#5nothingbeastPosted 3/22/2013 2:41:55 PM

Achievements are something I use to add replay value to games I want to play. Not a reason to play games i'd never otherwise touch.
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#6FiyunPosted 3/22/2013 2:43:26 PM

Not touching that thing.
#7vigorm0rtisPosted 3/22/2013 2:49:56 PM
I've never heard of the game.
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#8-Morbid-Posted 3/22/2013 3:07:56 PM
I would be embarrassed to have that game on my list.
#9ToucheAmore(Topic Creator)Posted 3/22/2013 3:08:49 PM
-Morbid- posted...
I would be embarrassed to have that game on my list.

Yet you have COD on there LOL gg brony
#10TentionPosted 3/22/2013 3:19:20 PM
D. but I know people who have. I didn't want that junk tainting my game history.
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