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Kotaku can't review Bioshock they review IGN's Review of Bioshock

#31The DevourerPosted 3/24/2013 5:04:50 PM(edited)
zerooo0 posted...
Kinda poor journalism if you ask me. So what somebody got the chance to review the game, it's not like they got exclusive rights to it.

Poor journalism Kotaku.

It's listed under humor. It's a joke.

Poor sense of humor, person on the internet.

creep50 posted...
ummm what is and isnt good is also very subjective

Only true to a degree. You can not like the way something is, but that doesn't take away from it actually being good, just not to your taste. It's quite possible to say "I don't like this but it's good and well done, not my cup of tea" like I've done about Elder Scrolls games.
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