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Best FF?

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3 years ago#61
RPG_Apostle posted...
Favorite does not equal the best.

Frankly, I think VII is vastly overrated. Terrible plot, boring antagonist, bad combat, the characters lack any personality after Disc 1, and the only title worse than VII is VIII. HOWEVER, the music rules. Yet the game still holds a soft spot in my heart.

My favorite would be IX. Huge throwback to the NES/SNES games, goes back to the "Each character has an actual role in combat" that hadn't been there since IV, and an interesting plot with a few turns.

Although the best... I have to give it to X. It was a big achievement for the genre, with all that it accomplished: Voice overs, the cinematics, the plot is the best (in my opinion), but it also maintained the turn-based system that defined the JRPG. Plus, I love Blitzball.

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3 years ago#62
Final Fantasy VI
3 years ago#63
00ragerage posted...
FF VI, but I know it as FF III

Agree with this. Both parts.

When I first saw VII on a display at an Electronics Boutique, I immediately started scouring stores for FF4, 5, and 6, believing I had somehow missed them. Eventually I got straightened out.

VI remains my favorite, although my love of IV, V, IX, and X certainly rival it.
3 years ago#64
7>10>6>Lost Odyssey>8>12>5>9>4>2>3>1
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3 years ago#65

and that will never change!
3 years ago#66
Call me crazy, but 9 is my favorite. Followed by 6.
3 years ago#67
9 is the best, and my favorite, and Hironobu Sakaguchi's favorite.
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3 years ago#68
FF12 shockingly enough. Even though before that it was 7.

I would prefer to list my favorites:

FF6,7,8, 10, and 12.

12 can be interpreted very differently by its characters. But its design and appeal is fantastic.
3 years ago#69
SunDevil77 posted...
Final Fantast Tactics is my favorite.

Same here
3 years ago#70
Tactics is my absolute favorite. Played that game far more than I should have, lol.

If we're sticking to the numbered series, VI and VIII are my personal favorites.
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