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Best mage combat ever?

#21The_Great_DBPosted 3/30/2013 10:17:33 AM
ChezDispenser posted...
Arucard05 posted...
From: 656stooge | #002
Two Worlds 2 hands down.

Came in to say this.

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#22grimms2Posted 3/30/2013 10:20:22 AM
Dragons Dogma hands down.
#23Sand_CoffinPosted 3/30/2013 10:21:14 AM
vigorm0rtis posted...
blablablax17 posted...
I enjoyed playing as a Mage in DA2.


So did I.

I would agree with this if the whole game hadn't been "mages are evil" but no one notices or hardly mentions that you are a mage. Being a mage should have had a significant affect on the story, but no...

The Force Mage Specialization was great though.
#24uthoria205Posted 3/30/2013 10:33:35 AM
Two World 2 followed closely by Dragons Dogma
#25ShamblerQPosted 3/30/2013 10:56:30 AM
Hexen, if you choose the Mage :P
#26ValedictorianXDPosted 3/30/2013 11:13:33 AM
Two Worlds 2
This is as stupid as the idea that mystical shaolin monks can beat UFC champions.
>"Can Cain Velasquez dodge a fireball? Shaolin Monks > UFC"
#27WiiLover94Posted 3/30/2013 11:18:00 AM
The mage in Dungeon Siege 3 was pretty kick***, he was able to switch between fisticuffs and a whip, something mages rarely wield.
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#28headwounds13Posted 3/30/2013 11:23:23 AM
I'm gonna be original and say Two Worlds 2 and Dragons Dogma.
#29DagnothPosted 3/30/2013 11:49:26 AM

My fav magic spell had to be commando. I loved the ability to fly.
#30Sir_SpecterPosted 3/30/2013 12:12:56 PM
Probably Kingdoms of Amalur. It was a whole lot more than just sitting there and buffing then tapping a projectile button like how most games do mage combat.