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Just Cause 2 worth $10?

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User Info: Spidey555

3 years ago#1
I had it before but got kinda frustrated with the swarming AI. You shoot 1 guy and then bam, never ending AI
But want an open world game to mess around in.
Debating whether I want it or not
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User Info: BlueJester007

3 years ago#2
Let me put it to you this way.

I got the game when it was released almost three years ago. I have been playing it off and on since. I'm only at 61% completion. The game has a lot of collectibles.It is a good time waster.
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User Info: glassghost0

3 years ago#3
Absolutely worth $10, that's pretty cheap for it too, usually its above $20

User Info: Mikejl87

3 years ago#4
Yes yes and more yes! It's a steal at $10

User Info: Distal_Pistol

3 years ago#5
It's a must own. Like the other person said, I still pick it up to mess around. Very fun.
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User Info: JascoD

3 years ago#6
You can never go wrong with just 10 bucks. Really.
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User Info: GinsuVictim

3 years ago#7
I bought on sale for thirty about two years ago and I still play it regularly. I'm nowhere close to finishing it because it's too much fun to just mess around in.
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User Info: knightimex

3 years ago#8
It was $3 on steam just this last week...
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User Info: velvet_hammer

3 years ago#9
NO, its worth $60.. The second JC3 goes on sale its mine.. I freaking love JC way better sandbox than GTA
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User Info: KtuluheroII

3 years ago#10
From: knightimex | #008
It was $3 on steam just this last week...

I picked it up, haven't tried it yet though.
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