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Shameful gaming secrets

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3 years ago#101
I bought a PS2 specifically for StarCraft: Ghost...
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3 years ago#102
^ HAH.
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3 years ago#103
..... The only reason why I bought Star Ocean 4 was because of Myuria. There!

*cries like a little baby*
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3 years ago#104
I, uh...bought Sneak King.

And played it to about half way completion.
3 years ago#105
Drakillion posted...
..... The only reason why I bought Star Ocean 4 was because of Myuria. There!

*cries like a little baby*

Well, Myuria DOES have a rockin' hot bod, but Reimi? Best Butt beyond blessed bliss.

Oh, and Meracle is cute, too.
3 years ago#106
I forgot one I actually feel weird about! I'd spend minutes positioning Issac in Dead Space so the light would catch his butt & crotch just the right way for whatever bulginess he had. I'd stare for a couple minutes, grit my teeth & then keep playing. >_________>
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3 years ago#107
I've been thinking, and I can't really say that I have a gaming secret.

So I'll just go with my Minecraft and Creeper obsession. I just started playing the game, and it's getting bad. Today I bought a number of Minecraft Avatar items. I have the Gamer Pics, I bought all the Skin Packs, I have two t-shirts and a green rubber Creeper bracelet. The wallpaper on my cellphone is a Creeper. I've made a list of projects for the Creative mode, and I've downloaded pictures to my iPad for reference. Then I bought an app for my iPad that applies a grid to pictures, for a visual aid when I start building things.

I don't hide my gaming from people in general, but I'm keeping my Minecraft addiction to myself in public.
Creepers gonna creep. (It's a Minecraft thing.)
3 years ago#108
I own four Monster Hunter games, Freedom 2 is still sealed, and I have only played them once.
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3 years ago#109
I thought Brink was going to be incredible...
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3 years ago#110
i have hidden copies of DOA5 and DOAXBV2 and have spent atleast 50$ on costumes for doa5...
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