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What was the first Xbox game you played...

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3 years ago#111
Original Xbox was probably Timesplitters Future Perfect, I got my system pretty late into it's life.
360 was probably Saints Row.
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3 years ago#112
I can't remember if it was Gears of War 1 or Dead Rising.

I still own both.
3 years ago#113
Xbox: either Halo or Burnout
360: Perfect Dark Zero
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3 years ago#114
Original - Shenmue 2, or Oddworld: Munch's Odyssey, not sure which.
360 - Infinite Undiscovery
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3 years ago#115
Xbox: Star Wars: Obi-Wan
360: Perfect Dark Zero
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3 years ago#116
My first xbox 360 single-player game was guitar hero 3. My first multiplayer game was halo 3.
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3 years ago#117
Xbox was Halo, 360 was Call of Duty 2.
3 years ago#118
Perfect Dark Zero
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3 years ago#119
Call of Duty 2
3 years ago#120
Xbox - need for speed underground 2

360 - assassins creed
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