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What was the first Xbox game you played...

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User Info: Kar31189

3 years ago#31
oblivion GOTY i still have it :)

User Info: SS_MetalSonic

3 years ago#32
Xbox - Ninja Gaiden
360 - Gears of war

Still own Gears of war. Going to buy another copy for System link. Will probably buy a second copy of Gears 2 &3 as well.
PSWiiPC60DS - Deus Ex, Crysis, Sleeping Dogs, Black ops 2, Farcry 3
Forza 4, Rage, InFamous 2, Darksiders 2, Vanquish, NBA2K13, Halo 4, Skyrim, Tomb Raider

User Info: Reel_Big_Mike

3 years ago#33
Xbox: Project Gotham Racing

Xbox 360: Madden 06
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User Info: woodym

3 years ago#34
XBOX - Either Fable or knights of the old republic, do not have them for the xbox any longer but I do for the PC
X360 - Mass effect, which i still have
Aye Aye.

User Info: link0316

3 years ago#35
GT : Zom6iesRPeople2

User Info: overkill_78

3 years ago#36
Xbox - Morrowind, I still have it.

360 - Oblivion, I have it but not the original copy.
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User Info: runuts27

3 years ago#37
I'm interested in this...

User Info: Runner_style

3 years ago#38
Xbox - None
Xbox 360 - I think it was Kameo, either that or Alan Wake.
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User Info: BatmanVonDoom

3 years ago#39
Halo 3 or AC1 I can;t remember which
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User Info: 0PTICS

3 years ago#40
Hexic HD (XBLA) and COD 2 (Disc)
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