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What was the first Xbox game you played...

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2 years ago#81
Ninja Gaiden. I still have it. It's still my favorite action game of all time.
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Low Price Revolution
2 years ago#82
Halo Reach

It came with my 360 and it was just a code to download it so it's not like I could trade it in.
I have to return some videotapes.
2 years ago#83
Medal Of Honor Airborne
2 years ago#84
gears of war 2
2 years ago#85
Had to get Halo after waiting for Bungie to release their game and switching from multiple platforms.
2 years ago#86
the outfit, 2nd best 3rd person shooter on the 360
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2 years ago#87
Original = Fable; yes
360 = Fear; yes
2 years ago#88
RE playing : MGR(360), PS all stars(PSV), Mortal Kombat(PSV), Skyrim(360), RE5(360) DMC4(360)
NEXT target: ACIV(360), Soul Sacrifice(PSV), AC '2013 rumor'(PSV)
2 years ago#89
First Xbox Game - Halo 1
First 360 Game - Oblivion
Xbox Live GT- ChrisHaloBoss
2 years ago#90
Original XBOX = Halo. My friend won an XBOX from a Taco Bell promotion and brought it over my place, I was already thinking about getting one, but after that there was no question. I currently have 2 copies, used to do a lot of system link and LAN parties.

XBOX 360 = PGR, wow what a rush that was, first time playing a racing game 60fps in HD, my mind was blown.
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