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20 + Years of Gaming could be coming to an End for ME ???

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3 years ago#51
Like I said I am not plan on going Gen 8 anytime soon, cause also like I said previously why should I when many of these games will indeed be DUEAL GEN games meaning on all consoles.

While I wanna play the next Mass Effect which isnt Mass Effect 4, or games like the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and all those others I am not ready to make the jump to Gen 8 Consoles.

I am way to back loged on games I am playing, games I havent played yet, and new games coming out such as Saints Row 4 and Remember Me.

3 years ago#52
Your random capital letter words make you REALLY COME across as even more CORNY than you ALREADY are.
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3 years ago#53
1 Brocken to rule them all!!
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3 years ago#54
Honestly, I'm feeling about the same, but not going to stop gaming. I just moved over to buying games on Steam and am otherwise working on the backlog I built up over the years. I'm having a lot more fun playing Indie games as of late.
3 years ago#55
If you feel this way then just cut off yo ring n middle finger n revert back to the NES..its tech. You cant do nada without a internet connection anyways nowaday. Sick n tired of these so called old gamers complaining about puting money into gaming like t his is the first time..anyone remeber the arcards. You fools r prob the same peeps at king soopers B'ing about having to enter yo phone number to get a discount
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3 years ago#56
So many errors...why quit gaming when you can quit whining? The companies wont slow down for one disgruntled consumer crying over rumors
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3 years ago#57
I swear I've read this exact topic 3 times.

and TC's responses are the dumbest thing I've ever read. Seriously calm down about it, stop randomly posting caps, seperating every sentence and making a paragraph long post into a half page post. It just makes you look like a melodramatic 40 year old.
3 years ago#58
RKOMe2011 posted...
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