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Damn, the Tomb Raider Legend main theme is just pure awesome.

#31FocianPosted 4/23/2013 5:50:24 AM
HeLeeham posted...
To Zanarkand from FFX.

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#32TerraUniversePosted 4/23/2013 8:31:30 AM
From Pandora's Tower, a song which is based on Liszt's Liebestraum (Love Dream):
Pandora's Tower Credits (Best Ending?) [Not sure what the name of the song is]

"Main Theme" (I think that's the name) from Medal of Honor: European Assault

"Splash Wave" from Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast

"Aquatic Ambience" from Donkey Kong Country,

"6th Floor Music" from The Dark Spire:

A lot of the songs from Donkey Kong Country and The Dark Spire are great.