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Full list of 360 characters that row in games that are played on the 360

#11Death is comingPosted 4/19/2013 9:02:14 PM
Mini Ninjas
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#12Famished_CorpsePosted 4/19/2013 9:31:23 PM
Though originally released on the Playstation 2, Silent Hill 2 was abysmally ported to the Xbox 360 in "HD" I would say it still counts. There is a section where you control the main character, James Sunderland, as he rows a boat across a lake. Depending on how well/fast you accomplish this task even has an effect on your rating after completing the game.
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#13TrugamerPosted 4/19/2013 9:56:22 PM
I forget was Two Worlds 2 a sailboat or a rowboat ? either way it was slow as hell
#14TBD2009Posted 4/19/2013 10:46:23 PM
Does driving an airboat count? (Obviously not) Because that's in Resident Evil 5... and yes, you control the airboat (at least, if you're in the driver's seat... I know I was driving while playing multiplayer with my buddy, ages ago).
#15slyman19Posted 4/19/2013 11:53:08 PM
The American guy you play as in Call of Duty 3.