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crysis 3 or blackops 2

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3 years ago#11
And BLOPs 2 zombies sucks in comparison to BLOPS 1
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3 years ago#12
shads3055 posted...
im new to the fps stuff. and need a good one. and i just got a 3d tv. so want to know which is fun and cool in 3d and has most to do and unlock. i dont like zombies much but mmm tempting. syfy games are more my style

but thinking also about 3d.

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3 years ago#13
pothocket posted...
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3 years ago#14
Neither of those games is worth buying
3 years ago#15
Black Ops 2 all the way

Everything about that game is incredible. Great campaign with good replay value, Excellent multiplayer with some of the best maps in the series and a really smart unlock and leveling up system, really fun zombies mode

I've been playing it since release and still am having a blast with it
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