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What do you guys think is the best Need for Speed game on the Xbox 360?

#11Moss_27Posted 4/25/2013 8:10:05 PM
Hot Pursuit. You can't go wrong with cops vs racers online with exotic cop cars, spike strips, EMPs, jammers, etc. Had many amazing moments playing this.
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#12videogameking33Posted 4/26/2013 2:51:25 AM
I personally liked Hot Pursuit the most, a huge fan of the series and like each game in it's own way but had the most fun with Hot Pursuit.
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#13OverburdenedPosted 4/26/2013 3:06:14 AM
TheBlueStig posted...
Underground 2 was the best, but since this is a Solnot flopic I couldn't vote for that so I voted for the original Most Wanted.

That's my favourite too.

I voted hot pursuit 2010. I do like most wanted 2005 too, but only played it on the original xbox.
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