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Xbox live connection issue?

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3 years ago#1
So I just had Cox internet installed this morning, and I am using a Motorola modem I purchased.

In the past I connected the modem to a dynex 5 port ethernet switch and had no problems with that giving both my computer and xbox (or other gaming console) a internet connection.

Now if I connect through the ethernet switch, my xbox claims that it cannot connect to xbox live. I don't know what the deal is even though my computer is also being fed from the switch and is connected to the internet.

Do you have any ideas what the problem may be? I tried different cords, and the connection works if I go directly from the modem to the xbox...
3 years ago#2
I'm able to connect, and also have COX for my ISP, but it seems to be running extremely slow for Xbox Live. My speed test came out normal, but my downloads are going extremely slow for some strange reason
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3 years ago#3
What exactly are you using? A modem, and a router, and a switch? What's the model numbers of each?
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3 years ago#4
Just a modem and a switch. Modem is a Motorola SB6141 and the switch is a Dynex DX-ESW5
3 years ago#5
That is an excellent modem. Good choice. You are very fortunate!

The problem is that you're using a switch instead of a router. You need a router, or else you need to trun off anything else connected to the switch, then turn on the other thing connected to the switch. And it may get a bit wonky. Best thing to do would be to get a router.

If you cannot do that, you may want to do the "one device thing on at a time" and clone your PC's MAC address to your 360. That may help, and cause less confusion to your ISP. It's actually quite simple, I'll copy and paste my guide.

If you do get a router, you can also use that switch, just make sure it goes Modem>>>>>into Router WAN port>>>> then the switch, an xbox, a PC, and you can plug stuff into the switch too.
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3 years ago#6
Whatever you do....WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT CONTACT YOUR CABLE COMPANY AND ASK FOR A ROUTER! They will give you a crappy Gateway, which will give you headaches. You're much better off with that plain modem, and using your own router. Plus you're saving money this way, the ISP will most likely charge you money if you use their gateway.
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3 years ago#7
Here's my guide to cloning the MAC:

If you're not using a router you may need to clone your PC's MAC address. To Clone your PC's MAC address to your Xbox 360 (Direct to Modem connections only, do not do this method if you're using a router):

Find your PC's MAC address: Start>>Run>>type cmd
Now type IPconfig/all in the DOS screen. Your "physical Address" should be your mac address.

Now go to your Xbox 360>>system menu>>Network Settings>>Edit Settings>>Push to the right to get to Additional Settings, then push down to get to Advanced settinges. Select "Alternate MAC Address" and enter your PC's MAC address.

If you eventually get a router, then undo the above by simply wiping out the new MAC address that you gave to your 360.

In you're case, you're not direct to modem... you're using a switch. That's fine.
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3 years ago#8
You mentioned not having a problem before... that's because you probably didn't have a modem before, you probably had a gateway. So a switch would have been absolutely the best and cheapest solution for you.

But now, you have a much better setup, and much less chance of running into problems online. If you get a router, you should be set. Just enable UPNP in the router's settings, usually it's enabled by default.
Death to Videodrome, Long Live the New Flesh
3 years ago#9
I understand what you're saying, so I will get a router, any suggestions to go nicely with the motorola?

But why would my computer be able to get internet from the switch, but the xbox cant, even if it is the only device plugged into the switch? Seems odd..
3 years ago#10
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