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Who are the FOOLS voting for Resident Evil Revelations Today?

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User Info: ILikesCheese

3 years ago#1
Hope springs eternal with you people, huh?
If you're omnipotent and all-powerful...why would you need to REST? On the 7th or ANY day?

User Info: Gingarito

3 years ago#2
ILikesCheese posted...
Hope springs eternal with you people, huh?

Out of that list that is the only game that has my intrest. What did u vote?
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User Info: IChangedMyName

3 years ago#3
I voted DKCR 3D....

I don't like the Wii, only owned one for Tri and the Pikmin rereleases and then gave it to my lil sister when she went off for college. So I figure this would be a great time to finally play it.

Waiting for that Kirby to be rereleased on 3DS now.
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User Info: SunDevil77

3 years ago#4
What's it to you?
I'm part of a dying breed...I am a positive gamer.

User Info: TheGrandFinale

3 years ago#5
Except that Revelations has been out for a year on 3DS, so we already know it's an outstanding RE game? Can't wait to spend hours into Raid Mode again.
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User Info: Kazuya_80

3 years ago#6
Revelations got good reviews

User Info: Lapanui

3 years ago#7
I actually didn't vote for anything. I also forgot Metro Last Light was being released this month lol.

I was planning on getting The Witch And The Hundred Knights, but it's release date is all over the place.

So... I'm not to sure what to get now. RE:R looks interesting and others have said it was a good game. M:LL is something I wanted to get after playing Metro 2033 (even though I need to finish it off...)

I'm currently playing Deus Ex:HR, I'm just doing a couple of playthroughs to mop up the achievements. I will probably be done soon.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

3 years ago#8
Heard Revelations was really good. My RE fanboy could use a pick-me-up after RE6.
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User Info: OMG_AIDS

3 years ago#9
Other than the enemy design and occasional character swapping RE Revelations is a phenomenal game.
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3 years ago#10
TC gives cheese lovers a bad name
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