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Things that are worse than...Dragon Age 2?

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3 years ago#91
a paper cut between your finger nail and your finger
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3 years ago#92
Sonic 06 is my default answer for any "is this worse than" questions that I get regarding games. I still haven't seen a game as loathsome in this console generation. It was, literally, uphill from there.
3 years ago#93
Angry Joe
Hipsters who like Angry Joe
As someone said people who use credit cards (Nothing worse than when you're in a hurry and you get stuck behind some thoughtless goon who uses a credit card to buy a 50c chocolate bar.)
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Screaming children at restaurants.
How long adds and previews take at the cinema.
DmC pro's.
3 years ago#94
Dragon Age 2 was a great game, your Mom, that is a different story. worst Mother i ever met. she was rude and all she did was whine about your tastes in games and your horrible love life.
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3 years ago#95
Winternova posted...
656stooge posted...
Yes Superman 64 was bad, but Superman 64 was like getting stabbed in the face. You were sort of expecting it was going to suck.

Dragon Age 2 was a Bioware RPG. A Bioware RPG. There was no way it could suck. Dragon Age 2 was like having your friends throw you a surprise party where they wheel out a massive chocolate cake only for a world class stripper to burst out of it, and then having her repeatedly kick you in the nuts for the next 30 odd hours.

Sure getting stabbed in the face is technically worse, but damn. Getting kicked that many times in the nuts by something that should have been so perfect was just not a fun experience.

Dragon Age II was better than Dragon Age:Origins.

i totally agree Winter. DA: O was the worst expansion ever made and to think i bought that piece of crap.
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3 years ago#96
[Expletive deleted at request of Gamefaqs]
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3 years ago#97
Sonic 06 springs to mind.
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3 years ago#98
Bikes- posted...
BoomerTheGreat posted...
Hipsters that try to claim that Dragon Age 2 sucked. Also about 75% of video games.

Dragon age 2 was objectively worse than origins in a number of ways. I wouldn't call it bad but it was insanely mediocre compared to Origins.

Anyway F.e.a.r 2, despised that game.

Patently false statement. Game experiences are entirely subjective. There are many things that, to you, are subjectively worse than Origins. To me, there are many things that are subjectively better than Origins.

Things that are worse than Dragon Age 2? People who think their opinion is fact.
3 years ago#99
pariah23 posted...
Dragon Age: Origins.
3 years ago#100
i enjoyed dragon age 2 so a lot of things are worse for me.
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