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Will Call of Duty: Ghosts be the last truly meaningful XBOX 360 game?

#1BroadwayGPUPosted 5/6/2013 3:57:47 PM
Gears of War: Judgement, Madden® 25, Call of Dut®: Ghosts. Are you ready to FINISH THE FIGHT?
#2CalistoCoonPosted 5/6/2013 4:04:53 PM
The game will probably make a lot of waves when it comes out, there's a bit of consumer fatigue with the franchise, but I don't think it's enough to hurt sales due to the huge popularity of the franchise, although I think Madden 25 may fall under some legal issues, it seem wrapped up in court. Although consumers seem kind of weary on Madden games.
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#3Perfect LightPosted 5/6/2013 4:21:30 PM
Grand Theft Auto V.
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#4jeffohhsPosted 5/6/2013 6:20:51 PM
Darks Souls 2
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#5JoonatanAlinPosted 5/6/2013 10:05:50 PM
#6Jx1010Posted 5/6/2013 11:09:40 PM
Another call of duty

Another shooting game for 360

Another western violent game

Another reason for politicians to talk about video game violence

This doesnt change
#7yankeefan03Posted 5/6/2013 11:59:47 PM
Perfect Light posted...
Grand Theft Auto V.

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#8Marvel ManPosted 5/7/2013 1:34:14 AM
Good to see the topics still suck around here.
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#9stekim40Posted 5/7/2013 2:29:18 AM
Call of Duty -- meaningful?

GTFO lol!!!!
#10TheAnalogKid06Posted 5/7/2013 2:36:05 AM
jeffohhs posted...
Darks Souls 2

It will be this and/or GTA V imo. Probably Dark Souls 2 though since it will be released much later than GTA V.
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