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Best video games credits music.

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User Info: The_Dark_Slay3r

3 years ago#21
Perfect Dark is forever

User Info: xiTz_RyaNx

3 years ago#22
Gears of War 1's original after credit music with the cole train rap.
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User Info: Scared0o0Rabbit

3 years ago#23
Some of my favorites:

Star Ocean Second Story - We Form in Crystal (

Chrono Trigger - To Far Away Times (

Star Fox (

Not quite credits music, as it's after credits music, but

Secret of Mana - Now Flightless Wings (

Another favorite of mine, though not from an ending:

Final Fantasy 8 - Find your Way (
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User Info: RonBurgundy929

3 years ago#24
Super C

User Info: RonBurgundy929

3 years ago#25
The_Dark_Slay3r posted...
Perfect Dark is forever

Oh hell yes.

User Info: Velarios

3 years ago#26
Mass Effect
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User Info: ArkonBlade

3 years ago#27
The only ones that have ever stuck with me over the years is

1. Xenogears - I think the song was called "Million Shards of glass" I don't remember for certain its been about 7 or 8 years since I played through the game. The song just fit so perfectly.

2. Portal - a very memorable song and just fit flawlessly with a already perfect game.

3. FFX - "Other Worlds" I think the name of it was and I think it was the end credit song that or the final boss song . been like 8 years since I played FFX.

If I really thought about it I could prolly think of more but off the top of my head these 3 stand out.
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User Info: o5pr3y

3 years ago#28
baueris24 posted...

I can't remember if they played it at the credits or not but if they did the song "With my mind" for the PS2 game Psi-Ops.

Heh, funny. I happened to add that Cold song to my ipod yesterday.

Eat Lead: Return of Matt Hazard had an admittedly awesome ending song.
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