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What happened to the "subscriptions" tab on Youtube App?

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3 years ago#11
Is your youtube account linked to Google +? If not then subscriptions will not show.
3 years ago#12
And just like that, it returned my subscriptions tab. Must have been a glitch.
3 years ago#13
My subscriptions came back but now its gone again. Between this and the constant freezing, this is the greatest app of all time.
3 years ago#14
Yup, same thing happened to me. I started the app this morning & the subscriptions tab is gone again.
3 years ago#15
I don't understand what causes subscriptions to disappear. I haven't had a subscriptions tab for the past three days. It obviously knows who I'm subscribed to because videos show up under "what to watch" but gives me no option to view the actual channel without searching for each individually. So annoying. I thought the 360 app was much better than PS3 but without being able to easily find my subs, it's basically useless.
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3 years ago#16
Chatting with an Xbox Ambassador, I've learned that with the last update for the app, the subscriptions tab was purposely removed. No reason given. No telling if it will return.

Welp.... This is one app I can delete from my 360, as it is absolutely useless without the subscriptions tab.

So, if you have the tab, consider yourself lucky & on borrowed time. The update will get you eventually.
3 years ago#17
the subscriptions tab was purposely removed.

That just doesn't make sense, it would mean that I'm better off removing subscriptions because at least that way they'll show up under recommended channels, based on my watch history. It also doesn't make sense because how come after this update the subs tab pops up sometimes and then disappears again?

I had this problem a while back after one of the updates, turned out the problem then was using a Google+ account rather than a full YT. But then after the last update the problem returned intermittently - seems like subs reappear sometimes after I get annoyed enough to dig about on YT to see if I can find what's causing the problem, then disappear a day or two later.
tant d'echecs, tant de defaites
3 years ago#18
I talked to MS customer service. They had no clue it was an issue, but Google is aware of it & is looking into a fix.!topic/youtube/Cfg7ofcZfkE

I'm gonna give this guy's idea a try. Can't hurt.

Hey everyone, I seem to have found a way to fix it, at least for now. As an experiment, I tried subscribing to a new channel, to see if it would appear on my xbox. Not only did it appear, but so did the rest of my subscriptions. It seems like adding a new subscription will force the AWOL subscriptions tab to reappear, which naturally provides access to all your subscriptions, not just the new one. Only time will tell if this is a real fix, or a temporary band-aid.
I would also like to point out that I am not tech support for YouTube. I am beginning to doubt such a thing exists. I gather the purpose of these forums (if there is a purpose), is to teach us self-reliance. With that in mind, I would like to thank Google and its affiliates for caring about us enough to teach us this important life lesson.
3 years ago#19
Thanks for the update, hopefully that thread will stay useful and not get derailed by "this app is trash!" trolls :/
tant d'echecs, tant de defaites
3 years ago#20
They relocated it to the Internet Explorer App. Works just fine over there.
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