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Serious question why do so many people hate COD now?

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2 years ago#1
Seriously, I remember telling people after a year or a couple months of cod 4's release that I hated cod, thought it was boring, and it took absolutely no skill and people looked at me like I was crazy. They would say it was me and that I had no taste in games and that didn't know what I was talking about. Now it seems like hating on cod is the cool new thing to do. My question is when did this public opinion on the game change and what made it happen because before it seemed like I was the only one that hated the game now it seems like almost everybody does.
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2 years ago#2
Hippest of the hipsters
I love video games : )
2 years ago#3
literally an "I hated CoD before hating CoD was popular" topic
2 years ago#4
Because COD has a crappy netcode now, so it depends on connections a lot more now. I would be playing COD a lot more if the netcode was fixed. Or at least make dedicated servers and quit P2P, activision has enough money to do it
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2 years ago#5
People who "hate" CoD = people trying to be cool

Not your thing? It's not mine either. But I recognize that they're well made and fun games.

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2 years ago#6
It's always the "cool" thing to hate what is popular, and COD is pretty much the biggest target.

Gamefaqs does not even come close to represent the gaming community, remember that.
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2 years ago#7
Did it ever occur to you that maybe people get tired of a new COD every year? And maybe they're just so tired of the franchise because it's basically the same damn thing every year? But nope the COD kids have to go "well these hipsters gotta hate something popular LOL XD HURRDURR"
2 years ago#8
Getting tired of something and saying it is horrible are very different things. The only people who hate COD are people who think they are better than people who like COD.
2 years ago#9
I like it, it's just that I hate the community.
2 years ago#10
Well that's just their opinion. What they aren't allowed to hate COD without people saying "lol hipster"?
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