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Xbox Slim Problem?

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User Info: MetaXGross

3 years ago#1
I've had my Xbox Slim for about 2 years now, and this started to happen randomly about a month ago and it first happened when my Xbox was at a firiends house.

I hooked it up, and turned it on, everything was good, but then all of a sudden I hear the "DING!" noise for when you press the Open Tray button, but nobody pushed it...and it didn't open.

I heard it maybe 2 or 3 more times, and then I heard the Power Button noise, but no one pushed it and then all of a sudden my Xbox turns off

Another thing that happens is that above^, but when I press the Power Button or Open Tray button the nosie DOESN'T play and it DOESN'T turn off or open tray. I have to unplug the power cord to turn off the Xbox

And sometimes I'll turn the Xbox off and I'll hear the DING again, even when the Xbox has been turned off.


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User Info: rickey99

3 years ago#2
I would clean off the buttons first as there may be buildup on them.
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