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Going to gamestop and buying as many 360 games i can for 30 bucks

#1pyrokinesis666Posted 5/19/2013 1:48:03 PM
gonna look at all the games between 3 and 7 bucks.

how many good games should I be able to get.
#2pyrokinesis666(Topic Creator)Posted 5/19/2013 1:55:52 PM
no one has any idea's
#3SoincMetalPosted 5/19/2013 1:59:13 PM,1385-d3

Look through that. The only game i know got that was real cheap and worth it was DMC4. It was like 5 dollars.
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#4pyrokinesis666(Topic Creator)Posted 5/19/2013 2:01:20 PM
I just skimmed through a few pages of used games on the gstop site but didn't count.

already have dmc4

blue dragon caught my eye though
#5jasonfinePosted 5/19/2013 2:36:01 PM
Condemned 1/2
Lost Odyssey is 10 bucks. It's the best JRPG this generation, IMO.
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#6pyrokinesis666(Topic Creator)Posted 5/19/2013 2:39:04 PM
I might pick up lost odyssey.

I need a long rpg to play while waiting for gta 5

I know there is skyrim, I just couldn't get into it
#7mcdonaldfries03Posted 5/19/2013 3:12:27 PM
I recommend Stranglehold, always liked that game.
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#8WinterstarPosted 5/19/2013 3:16:46 PM
pyrokinesis666 posted...
no one has any idea's

"no one has any idea is"?
#9kingwutuguPosted 5/19/2013 3:48:03 PM
Winterstar posted...
pyrokinesis666 posted...
no one has any idea's

"no one has any idea is"?

yeah we may need a teaching board on here, you'll have to pass the class in order to post anything.
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#10IloveElitePosted 5/19/2013 4:01:09 PM
How many 'good' games? uh... none or one if you are very lucky.
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