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C/D: Xbox 360 controller is still better than the Xbox One controller

#11runuts27Posted 5/21/2013 4:40:07 PM
I'm not sure how it could be worse.
I'm interested in this...
#12Dragon NexusPosted 5/21/2013 4:43:09 PM
From: GGearX | #010
Dragon Nexus posted...
The impulse triggers intrigue me. I'm curious as to how that will work in games.


They mentioned the triggers will have some kind of feedback.
Only example that springs to mind is in a game like Forza where you're squeezing the trigger for accelleration, hit a bump and the trigger loosens momentarily. Or the grip in the road changed and it becomes harder to press down. Assuming there's nothing in there that will actively press the trigger into your finger like a force feedback wheel.
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#13airdanielPosted 5/21/2013 4:44:46 PM
People make some stupid topics I swear...
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#14este914Posted 5/21/2013 5:46:31 PM
Enix Belmont posted...
I have absolutely no idea. How would I know? I havent used xbox one's controller.

airdaniel posted...
People make some stupid topics I swear...

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#15vigorm0rtisPosted 5/21/2013 5:49:09 PM
airdaniel posted...
People make some stupid topics I swear...

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#16anonymous46773Posted 5/21/2013 5:49:42 PM

Dpad looks much better on the XboxOne controller.
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