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Which would ya rather DICE to make Star Wars BATTLEFRONT or Mirrors Edge 2?

#11ElusiveOneXPosted 5/23/2013 7:15:42 PM
I thought Mirrors Edge controlled poorly and id still rather see it made than another FPS.
#12warior55Posted 5/23/2013 7:38:10 PM
ElderPredator12 posted...
Battlefront 3, by a mile.

And I f***ing loved Mirror's Edge.
#13RetroFanGirlPosted 5/23/2013 8:32:44 PM
Mirrors Edge, Star Wars is boring and for losers.
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#14velvet_hammerPosted 5/23/2013 8:46:57 PM
why are you asking the 360 board to chose between a shooter and one thats not.. fail poll
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#15kel25Posted 5/23/2013 10:12:53 PM
I loved Mirror's Edge for being a very unique first person game but the SW geek in me causes SWBF to win out.

I would love it they would make both games but Dice said they wouldn't make another Mirror's Edge game.
#16XtremeWRATH360Posted 5/23/2013 10:20:53 PM
Star Wars Battlefront 3 will NEVER be made
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#17That1GuyyPosted 5/23/2013 10:24:52 PM
While I loved Battlefront 2 when it came out, the release of Battlefield 3 made me realize that I don't care at all for large scale shooters any more.

Mirror's Edge was great and deserves a sequel.
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#18Robin_MaskPosted 5/23/2013 10:27:03 PM
XtremeWRATH360 posted...
Star Wars Battlefront 3 will NEVER be made
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