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Whats your Favorite Xbox live Arcade game/games an why?

#1KingTykeem187Posted 6/8/2013 7:04:14 PM
Lately for Arcade it would be (Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds) i say this cause it brings me back to the old days mixed with the new. Its a classic for me. Also just now State Of Decay. I have not played it yet but i have it an tried the demo. Seems to be a good game.
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#2SunDevil77Posted 6/8/2013 7:11:01 PM
Dust An Elysian Tale. Beautiful, and a Metroidvania game. Very impressive work for a single man dev team. The dev is really cool too, he frequents CAG. Had a chat with him a couple times.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane. I always loved the arcade ones, having a XBLA exclusive installment is a delight.

State of Decay. The ambition is incredible.

Geometry Wars 1 and 2/Marble Blast Ultra. The original XBLA games.
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#3_LordAndSaviorPosted 6/8/2013 7:51:28 PM
The Walking Dead, honestly one of the greatest stories I've ever experienced in any form of media, simply beautiful, really immersed me into it and had me care about the characters.
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#4darkharePosted 6/8/2013 8:45:46 PM
Spelunky and Bit.Trip.Runner2 are probably my two most played arcade games, i do have alot of favorite puzzle games i play often though.

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#5beautifuldreamsPosted 6/8/2013 9:41:22 PM(edited)
Geometry Wars 2, N+

both are great with local friends and solo, as well as easy to pick up for a short burst (GW2 more so than N+)
#6KingTykeem187(Topic Creator)Posted 6/9/2013 1:28:54 AM
I shall try the games all you guys said.
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#7JukainPosted 6/9/2013 1:34:11 AM
Geometry Wars/2 are classics. I also enjoy all of the Sonic games. Perfect Dark and Beyond Good & Evil HD are amazing ports. Trouble Witches NEO! is all kinds of fun, as was Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
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#8Arucard05Posted 6/9/2013 2:17:02 AM
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#9VlayerPosted 6/9/2013 4:01:37 AM
I'd put Spelunky at the top due to how perfect the gameplay mechanics are and the challenge.


State of Decay
Super Meat Boy
Mark of The Ninja
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
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