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What year did you buy/acquire your 360?

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User Info: wackyteen

3 years ago#1
What year? - Results (125 votes)
22.4% (28 votes)
20% (25 votes)
16.8% (21 votes)
14.4% (18 votes)
8% (10 votes)
8% (10 votes)
3.2% (4 votes)
4% (5 votes)
0.8% (1 votes)
Don't own one
2.4% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
What year?
The name is wackyteen* for a reason. Never doubt. *No longer teen

User Info: FellDude

3 years ago#2
That should be plural. 'What years...', or possibly '...your FIRST 360.'

1 in 05 launch RROD 'd in just over a year.
2 in 07 The first RROD 'd in under 10 days, the second RROD 'd in just under 3 months.
1 in 10 for Fable 3. It came with a defective power cable that needed replacement. Currently doing duty as a paperweight. It might still work. Haven't turned it on since I beat Fable 3.

These were all separate consoles too. Not the same 1 sent in for refurbishing.
Of all the game consoles ever made, the Xbox 360 is the one closest to perfecting the hundred percent failure rate. - Former Owner of 3 of Microsoft Xbox 360's.

User Info: Lucha_Villa

3 years ago#3
1st one Bought it around the time I found out about GTAIV.
2nd one: Got the Halo Reach version in 2010. My first one E74'd on me after 100%'ing Red Dead Redemption

User Info: este914

3 years ago#4
I think it was either 08 or 09, don't really remember now. After my buddy got RRoD on his system and his parents bought him a new one (how nice)
I took the old system off his hands and did the 'Gamestop swap' and got a used system for free.
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User Info: Fiyun

3 years ago#5
2011.... ._.

User Info: kungfuj0

3 years ago#6
May 1st, 2006.

Bought it, another controller, a couple battery packs, a quick charge kit, and Oblivion CE and NFS: Most Wanted.

I bought another 360 about 3 years ago for my nephews.
And to think...people laughed at me when I said MS could out-EA EA any day of the week.
Who's laughing now, *****es???

User Info: lokinineteen

3 years ago#7
I got my first 360 in '06 March or May, not sure exactly but I got King Kong, Kameo, Oblivion and something else, possibly Perfect Dark. That rrod got it replaced by Microsoft and then that died December '09 and 'had' to buy a new one which is still going strong, touch wood.

User Info: IWU

3 years ago#8
2009 elite my first and only Xbox still going strong with daily use.
Irregardless, for all intensive purposes I could care less if you take me for granite. If given free reign, I'll continue to tow the line so it's a mute point.

User Info: Gamer4ever77

3 years ago#9
August 2012

Fixed a broken 360 and it became my first ever 360 that I own. Still works almost a year later after the repair.
I will not change this until WWE brings back the KOTR PPV. {Started 2-1-10}
2012 Minnesota Vikings 10-6

User Info: VasDeferens

3 years ago#10
My first and still the only one I own, Elite holiday bundle 2010 ( with Halo ODST and Forza 3 ) .

So that means, I might get my first Xbox One by 2020 .
Console War. Console War never changes .
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