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Best 360 game?

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User Info: RPGNinja123

3 years ago#21
Everyone is a casual here...

Dark Souls is the only right answer
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User Info: pothocket

3 years ago#22
RPGNinja123 posted...
Everyone is a casual here...

Dark Souls is the only right answer

LOL. You're not doing the DS fanbase any favors here.

Now make like a tree and go.
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User Info: Jukain

3 years ago#23
pothocket posted...
Now make like a tree and go.

LEAVE! Make like a tree and LEAVE! You sound like a damn fool when you say it wrong.
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User Info: 2Dshmuplover

3 years ago#24
Forza Motorsport 4
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User Info: Overburdened

3 years ago#25
That's a hard one, lately I'd say Skyrim. But that's not my final answer :D
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User Info: Wizzl241

3 years ago#26
Bioshock 2, for me.
I like video games.
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User Info: ohollywoodo

3 years ago#27
Focian posted...
For me? Shadowrun, by a country mile.

Agreed, Shadowrun hands down.
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User Info: DWB1982

3 years ago#28
For me so far...

Exclusive : Gears of War series
Multiplat : Borderlands 2

I feel like Borderlands 2 has been my favorite game this gen

Hoping Diablo 3 will be even more awesome...
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User Info: FTWWholeFnShow

3 years ago#29
BrutalBrocken posted...
Red Dead Redemption
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User Info: Halochief6

3 years ago#30
Fallout 3
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