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How do you feel about not playing GTA5 when you could be playing GTA5?

#21pothocket(Topic Creator)Posted 6/27/2013 5:09:31 AM
BlueJester007 posted...
TC has some odd hatred for Rockstar because, to him, all they release are "casual" games.

I would just like R* to receive the proper amount of credit that they deserve.
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#22Banana_ManaPosted 6/27/2013 5:51:24 AM
Serothius posted...
Indifferent. I haven't cared about GTA since Vice City.

Who the f***...


I agree... Keep meaning to try GTAIV again, but there are soooooo many awesome games that I haven't played yet.
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#23RPG_ApostlePosted 6/27/2013 6:20:11 AM
Stupid topic is stupid because it's stupid.
I miss Mega Man.