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Why do i gotta pay for XBOX LIVE Gold just to access Netflix and Hulu?

#11gabriusPosted 6/28/2013 3:45:51 PM
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#12Solnot(Topic Creator)Posted 6/28/2013 4:24:37 PM
HELZERO posted...
i live for solnot topics

Me too!
#13DeedubauPosted 6/28/2013 4:40:38 PM
Because they want to give you incentives to subcribe to the gold service,.Yes, the PS3 offers them for free, but microsoft got away with this because they used to offer a much more superior online service.I don't disagree with your opinions on this because I understand the amount of gold subscribers out there isn't as massive as the console install base here in the states. I know everything is a business, but MS is the last company that would ever allow any service be used without finding someway monetizing it first. Does anyone remember how free hotmail used to only be 10mb free back in the day and then they would charge you a yearly fee for 100mb? Then google came out with GIGS of free mail space and the rest is history...