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What is currently in your Xbox 360 disc tray?

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3 years ago#141
Hitman absolution
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3 years ago#142
Rock Band 3... had to get that achievement for playing all the free songs before the one is gone Sunday. Though I got sucked into playing like 10 more songs after that... forgot how addicting that game is
3 years ago#143
Gears of War 3.

Although im playing Spartucus Legends. Gears 3 was what I played before.
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3 years ago#144
Nba 2k12
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3 years ago#145
Fifa 13
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3 years ago#146
Black Ops 2. It will stay there until GTA 5 comes out. I simply have nothing else to play on my 360 :O
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3 years ago#147
Arkham City...just got GotY and working on Robins challenges and NG+.
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3 years ago#148
Just Cause 2, trying to get 100%. Man is it taking awhile, 124 hours and I'm only 98.46% complete. I started in August of 2010.
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3 years ago#149
3 years ago#150
Gears of War Judgment.

Cant stay away from OverRun mode.
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