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Bloodiest Games on Xbox

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3 years ago#11
Focian posted...



BloodyCheckers. :P

Oh yeah ? Thanks....but you should see the next indie game.
Developer of Blood&Bacon !!!
3 years ago#12
Darkest_Evil posted...
soldier of foutune i think was released also serious same games

This is awesome. Love some SoF. So underrated. And it is very gory and bloody. I like when I kill someone and then go up to their lifeless body and shoot off their limbs.

State of Decay is pretty bloody as well.

My vote for Top bloody games are Splatterhouse and the Dead Island Series. Those are buckets of blood
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3 years ago#13
I'm surprised Prototype wasn't mentioned.
The People's Heel
3 years ago#14
resident evil games as well
3 years ago#15
Always wondered why Conan was not mentioned !!??
Developer of Blood&Bacon !!!
3 years ago#16
I buy used games. If you're a MGS fanboy and want to argue....don't bother, I assure you your opinions mean nothing to me. Just a heads up.
3 years ago#17
uh never heard of that game
Developer of Blood&Bacon !!!
3 years ago#18
Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit and Serious Sam Double D XXL, so much blood you barely notice it after a while.
3 years ago#19
Condemned was a blood good time.
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What you think is broken with a game could easily be explained with you being terrible at it. Jack of Blades > All.
3 years ago#20
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