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What 360 game are you playing now? Rate it.

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3 years ago#41
Far Cry 3


Fun open world with actual stuff to do like capturing outposts, radio towers, and getting into random scuffles. The story isn't fantastic, but the characters aren't super bland so it helps things along. Just kinda suffers from the usual problems of an open world game
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3 years ago#42
Battlfield 3


While I know a lot of veteran Battlefield fans were a bit disappointed with it, I really liked it. The classes (for the most part) come together, vehicular warfare and ground warfare give it a nice mix, and... you know, I really can't describe it. This game is just fun.

I just wish destruction was a bit better, improve some of the firing sounds and the way the gun feels when you shoot it, and I don't like how lock-on weapons are hard countered by smoke. Makes them almost useless.
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3 years ago#43
Fallout 3 New Vegas 8.5/10

Better late than ever just trying to get this over with for my backlog but it was pretty good for Fallout 3.5.
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3 years ago#44
Dead Space 2.

Perfect in every way possible. Played it around 40 times and its still so good.

I <3 Dead Space.
3 years ago#45
o5pr3y posted...
Bioshock: Infinite - 6/10

Only a couple hours in. The world has a cool design but it isn't a lasting feeling for more than an hour, and the game isn't really hooking me.

It's worth pushing through for sure, stick with it. You'll feel better about the whole thing once it's over, but you may not want to play it again.
3 years ago#46
None, I'm playing the last of us. I would give it a 10, but I felt that the ending was I give it a 9/10 maybe 9.5/10 (I'm playing through it again. Hopefully its sequel will make me feel better)

Since this is about xbox 360 games, however, I guess I'll just rate the last 360 game I played, which was Bayonetta. I give it an 8/10.
3 years ago#47
CyricsServant posted...
None, playing The Last of Us . . .

but last week I was playing Skyrim: Legendary Edition on my 360. I'd give that game a 9/10. It had three separate plots that were all decently engaging. I had a lot of fun playing through each of them.

Playing both now too! And I'd give it the same score! How odd for a PDZ hater... =P
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