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Question about wireless headsets

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User Info: DougEInstructor

3 years ago#1
Do I need to let the battery drain all the way before I recharge it? The reason I ask is because my play and charge kit no longer charges all the way it says its full even though it'll only last for an hour or so. I had the same problem with my laptop it doesn't recharge at all now and it only works when plugged in. I was told this happened because I was recharging it without letting the battery drain all the way first. Is the same true for the wireless headset? I mean it could have a different type of battery or something idk I threw out the instructions long ago. I don't mind letting the battery drain with the other things but with the headset its annoying because I could be in the middle of an intense COD match and it'll die right when I need to relay some important information to my teammates. I have this headset btw:

User Info: 656stooge

3 years ago#2
I say just recharge it when you suspect it's getting low. And the reason your controller battery stopped holding a charge is because the things are built like crap. Buy some rechargeable AA's and they'll last you two weeks of solid gameplay. Maybe a month if you only play an hour a day.

Trust me, I went through 4 or 5 of the useless things.
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