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Whats the most number of 360 games you traded to gamestop?

#21IceteaCrisisPosted 7/7/2013 10:15:34 PM
bossk5 posted...
remembers getting 25 bucks for RE Revelations a couple weeks ago

Yea, but you bought it for 40-50 dollars
It's good that you are a used games supporter because you can at least make that 25 you did get go a little further, but now one of three things could happen.

You can take that 25 and buy an older game
You can take that 25 and then spend more money out of pocket for a newer game
You might end up down the road wanting to play Resident Evil Revelations again and have to shell out another 30-40 dollars to get it back.

I guess i am always a little conflicted because while some games are worth $50-60 some just are not, and while i could not bring myself to trade most games in because i always feel i would get more in terms of personal value out of them by keeping and replaying them over or collecting them then what i would get in credit to put towards another game i guess someone has to do it so i can end up buying and trying them at a better price.

Some games like Resident Evil Revelations may give an OK trade in credit, but most games don't really get much of a credit return unless they are around 2 months old or newer and still in that 50-60 dollar new range, and some people have to trade in three, four, or five games to get a new game. I have also seen GameStop had trade in two select games of witch almost all were still 60 dollars new pay 10 dollars out of pocket and get one new game.
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