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how to get through a games backlog?

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3 years ago#1
so i have a pretty big backlog of games to go through, and my question is how do you guys get through them? Do you play the new games first? Or the ones you are closest to completing? And my backlog keeps getting bigger with all these sales :(
3 years ago#2
I just play what sounds fun. Stopped 70% through skyrim and started sleeping dogs. Finished that and moved onto spartacus legends, lollipop chainsaw and halo 4
3 years ago#3
The first thing is to stop buying new games. Mix and match games of various lengths, don't leave all the rpgs for the end. I usually limit myself to 1 rpg at a time (maybe 2, one console/one handheld). Beyond that I play one or two other short games with the rpg. Never more than 3 or 4 games at a time. Set weekly goals on how much progress you want to make. Also games that you already have a lot of play time in, finish those first.
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3 years ago#4
it does make sense to play whats fun, which is what i usually do but then some games are left not completed. Some games though feel like a chore to play through though if they dont interest me. Assassins creed 3 i just started and im already getting that vibe, with the witcher 2 im iffy with that one but im giving it more of chance.
3 years ago#5
Stop buying new games unless you're highly confident they won't be cheaper months from now.

Play any MP modes first while the communities are more active.

Play the shorter games first.
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3 years ago#6
stop buying games, it's not hard. so what if it's cheap? if it's not going to give you any additional "fun" since you are already at the point of being maxing out on the time you can allocate to video game fun, it's useless. substituting one game for another unplayed one doesn't add to your overall "fun time" if you get my meaning.
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3 years ago#7
oldest unplayed game first.

Baby steps to the present, then the next gen is cheap!
3 years ago#8
use more toilet paper
3 years ago#9
I wouldn't say to stop buying games completely, just slow down and only buy the games you really really want when they're on sale and won't go on sale again for a long time.

Then find a way to dedicate some UNINTERRUPTED time to play, no phones, no relatives bothering you, just a few solid hours of play per day to get through the games you currently have.
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3 years ago#10
you guys are right, i need an intervention i have a game buying problem
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