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Walking Dead 400 days - which of the 5 stories is your favorite? -spoilers-

#1pothocketPosted 7/8/2013 10:23:47 AM
Which character's story had the biggest impact on you / was told the best - Results (77 votes)
Vince - Escaping the outbreak
19.48% (15 votes)
Wyatt - Hunted by bandits
20.78% (16 votes)
Russell - The roadtrip from hell
23.38% (18 votes)
Bonnie - Simply trying to survive in this new world
9.09% (7 votes)
Shel - Struggling to define what is "safest" for her sister
27.27% (21 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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#2RKO_ON_RAWPosted 7/8/2013 10:29:52 AM
I watched it on youtube. I enjoyed Russell's story for the jokes lol.
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#3pothocket(Topic Creator)Posted 7/8/2013 10:44:44 AM
I chose Wyatt. At first I thought Eddie was just an ass that took everything I said the wrong way but I realized the two are close friends and their normal bull **** banter is just heavily stressed from their current situation.

I thought the R/P/S to see who goes and who stays was brilliant and when I ended up leaving my friend behind, I felt it.
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#4glassghost0Posted 7/8/2013 10:44:49 AM
You left out Tavia

I enjoyed Wyatt, Russell, and Vince the most.

I don't know why but I didn't connect with any of the female characters, especially Bonnie. Shel was ok, but like I said in another topic, I really don't want a female main playable character.

I'm not sexist or anything but they would have to get it just right imo

Shel's sister was like the opposite of Clem to me, near the end of her story and the prologue I almost wished I had ditched the kid, she's very annoying and not interesting.

Wyatt's dialogue and interaction with his friend was some of the best in the episode to me, it just seemed to "fit" and worked well. But I don't see him being strong enough to be a main character.

Vince seems possible but idk

I'm assuming these people will be the "group" that you are with in the 2nd season.

Wyatt > Vince > Russell > Shel > Tavia > Bonnie
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#5pothocket(Topic Creator)Posted 7/8/2013 10:50:09 AM
Of course I left out Tavia.
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#6Merc123Posted 7/8/2013 12:13:31 PM
I enjoyed Russel's the most because it had one of the most interesting characters in the whole series so far, which is Nate. Russel himself was ok but he was a bit of a uptight ass, though that's fine.

All of the stories were enjoyable though since they were all pretty different.
#7ZacTBPosted 7/8/2013 12:18:53 PM
Bonnie = Vince > Shel > Russell > Wyatt

I liked them all but I voted Bonnie's as my favourite although I liked it just as much as Vince's but I got spoiled on his in an article so Bonnie's felt more fresh to me.
#8darkharePosted 7/8/2013 12:22:43 PM
I bought it the day it came out, and yet I still haven't had time to play...I really should get up on it.

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#9pothocket(Topic Creator)Posted 7/8/2013 12:41:39 PM
I agree that Nate is the most interesting character in 400 days. It's kinda creep how "well" he's adjusted to the breakdown of society. Almost like he was born for it.
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#10master_gamr1231Posted 7/8/2013 3:25:36 PM
Shel's. I just really liked her character and what she's willing to do to keep herself and her sister safe. Although, I must say, I did actually yell out in horror and cry a bit in Bonnie's story when she accidentally bashed Dee in the face.
Nate is an interesting character though, albeit one I very much want dead. Did you see his face when he was handing Russell the gun to kill the old couple? Terrifying.
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