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Can someone list the main complaints people had about GTA IV?

#61harrykid1Posted 7/17/2013 6:53:25 PM
Anyone wanna tell me what happens to CJ?
#62CaIiber345Posted 7/17/2013 7:13:28 PM
GTA is one of my two favorite game franchises ever. All of the major complaints have been addressed already. So I'll just add:

--On Foot/Melee controls were pretty bad. It felt like Niko was underwater at times.

--R* created a nice city but there wasn't much to do in it.

--The friendship activity premise just wasn't fun.

Overall I still enjoyed IV and I'm playing it now in anticipation for V. V looks like its going to be amazing and a GTA that has something for everyone. All IMO.
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#63CokroachCharliePosted 7/17/2013 7:33:13 PM

Well, the high maintenance friends was a huge annoyance for me.
While on the dates, it was frustrating as hell to accidently hit a location you didn't want to go too. I can't remember how many times kate and I played pool when I wanted to go bowling.

But that's mostly minor complaints. My biggest miss with this game was that liberty city was HUGE but there was absolutely NOTHING to do in it. It was pretty, and it was detailed, but after a while you just stop noticing. Honestly, after I finished the story, I handed the game in. I was just bored after that, unlike previous GTA games.