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Is there a CLEAR difference between Western and Japanese games ?

#11SolidStryderPosted 7/10/2013 5:56:56 PM
GGearX posted...
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Not all games from both sides are like that though. Look at snake from MGS

or dante from DmC.

To be fair, Dante and RE6 were Capcoms latest attempts to appeal to Western audiences. Pretty sure RE6 taught them CoD doesn't sell millions in a day because of single player set pieces.

Snake was nearly replaced in MGS2. Negative reception to Raiden, particularly in the west, is probably why Snake has been the main character since. MGS2 Raidens appearance was pretty feminine, the scene with the president references this.
#12LaLiLuLeLoSnakePosted 7/10/2013 6:51:47 PM
lostnumberwar posted...
Don't bring that filthy west vs. east crap to this board.
We don't want or need it.
There's enough of that garbage on the PS3 boards.
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TheBiggerOne posted...
Japanese games tend to have

- clunky/unintuitive gameplay
- cheesy dialogue
- over the top (and unintentionally comical) character designs
- bland stories that are basically broken down rip offs of Western stories/mythology
- annoying music
- pretentious fanbases

This guy is right on the money