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Treating other peoples stuff like its yours.

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3 years ago#1
Rude? - Results (138 votes)
79.71% (110 votes)
20.29% (28 votes)
This poll is now closed.
The reason I ask is cause my brother has been staying at my house and I been letting him use my xbox and controller. Hes been smoking near my xbox and taking my controller into the bathroom with him and not washing his hands. I told him both times. The smoking he was cool about but seemed annoyed when I told him about taking my controller in the bathroom. He also cant seem to put my controller back on my xbox FLAT when hes done. Its always upside down sliding off my xbox. Its not that hard to set it down right. Oh yeah and he eats his fastfood while using my controller. WTF? So am I overeacting to this or what?
3 years ago#2
As far as the topic title and the question asked in the poll, that really depends on how you treat your own stuff.

But, as far as your brother's behavior goes, yes, and, quite frankly, if he refuses to treat your property the way you ask him to, I would refuse to let him use it.

If it is a matter of the controller, tell him to go out and buy his own controller if he refuses to respect your wishes regarding the handling of yours.
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3 years ago#3
It's funny, because I can't answer your poll.

You see, to me, treating other people's stuff like its mine, means that I actually take care of it. In some cases that means treating it even better than if it were mine.

Funny, how perception and personal experience can completely change the context of a question.
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3 years ago#4
I treat other people's stuff like it's mine, which like the other poster said, usually means I treat it better.

I don't let people borrow my games, and when my fiance wants to play a game, I handle it by taking it out of it's case and put it in and out of her 360, and returning them to their cases

It sounds douche-y, but she isn't very responsible so it's cool.
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3 years ago#5
Also, why in the world is your brother taking the controller with him to the bathroom?!

That's kin....very weird, creepy, and gross.
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3 years ago#6
Damn, yeah I guess you guys are right. I based the poll on my experience only. Well hopefully everyone knows what I mean.
3 years ago#7
glassghost0 posted...
Also, why in the world is your brother taking the controller with him to the bathroom?!

That's kin....very weird, creepy, and gross.

Lol yeah. He said cause his friends are talking to him. I let him use my wired headset. When I heard the flush of the toilet he was out of the bathroom a second later. I was like WTF? He said he washed his hands cause they were still wet. Yup, get water all over my controller then...
3 years ago#8
Heh. This reminds me when I used to let my friends borrow my NES/SNES games.

Those paper game cases.....


But yes, I do care about other peoples stuff. What makes me a jerk is that I never return something until the owner asks about it.

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3 years ago#9
I am very careful with my stuff. I see people putting games in different case, or putting them in those binders and throwing cases away.I see people leaving discs out on the floor.

The last time I lent a game out was during the PS1 era. My family know how cautious I am of my stuff, especially game related. I won't even let them clean them. It's probably a little OCD or just silly, but it's my stuff, I worked for it, why treat it like it's a piece of crap and have to repair it or buy it again?
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3 years ago#10
Voted no. I treat my stuff better than most of my friends. If I borrow a game from someone, that game is in for the royal treatment.
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