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3 years ago#91
From: DougEInstructor | #090
What did you say exactly?

From: dagamer657 | #088
I calmly explained that I wasn't going to renew my subscription because of this and other issues I've been having, but mostly because I don't see the point in Live anymore as I have a Netflix app on my TV and rarely play multiplayer games.

I did this around the time the problems first starting appearing though.
3 years ago#92
Karma is rather tasty today...
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3 years ago#93
You over-privileged brats are a disgrace. You probably look down upon kids throwing tantrums in restaurants or malls, but here you are doing the same thing. With irrational idiots like you for consumers its no wonder videogame companies sellout.

And before you try to scapegoat my insults by whining fanboyism, I play PC and only PC.
3 years ago#94
Is Live working yet for anyone? According to it's been back up for 45 minutes or so, but it still isn't working for me. I did change my network config since last time I played... but I can't figure out what I did that would have broken it.
3 years ago#95
TheBlueStig posted...
Their media server is down, nothing shows up or works on XBox Video right now, or any of the ads on the dashboard either.

Ads are so important that an issue with them shuts down Live service. Nice.
3 years ago#96
I had issues signing in a couple of hours ago, took a few attempts. Got signed in after a few minutes, had no issues last two hours.
My mad face and my happy face are the same.
3 years ago#97
And to think they wanted to do an always online console with nonsense like this.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.
3 years ago#98
Mr_Fury32 posted...
PS+ has its problems sure, but at least for the PS3 its FREE, need i remind you we PAY for live and its CONSTANTLY playing up?


PS PLUS is a paid service, period, it is not free on the PS3.

Please learn what you are talking about is called before talking out your ass.
R.I.P. Eve English (Feb. 12, 1968 - Oct. 13, 2010)
Momma Eve, you will be missed.
3 years ago#99
mjc0961 posted...
And to think they wanted to do an always online console with nonsense like this.

yup, i cant belive they thought it was a good idea either... i mean, in 5-6 years maybe, when the internet is far more reliable than it is now. i live in the sticks, about 4 miles from my nearest town, which in the U.K. i get the bottom end of the internet speed... barely 1MBps sometimes 1.5 if im lucky...

most people in U.K. simply are not ready for high speed dependent internet connections for their consoles, especially when that connection is shared by 3-4 people on average.

companies shouldnt expect this, its like they only think the U.S. is the only country in the world...
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3 years ago#100
Hhhmmm weird I haven't had a problem all day....I just can't see this weeks deal of the week. I see the picture but it takes me to MK sale and last weeks sale lol. Other than that no sign in problems, strange.
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