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Skullcandy PLYR1 help

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3 years ago#1
i just bought this today and i have to say that i am really glad i bought it.Comfort is amazing and the headset sounds good.Only problems ive had are that sometimes my friends tell me i have a screeching noise.If i replug my xbox live cord back in it goes back to normal, until it happens again.Other problem is the xbox live cord loses sound if its turned in one direction.Sort of like how old headphones work where you have to have them facing one side on the end to work.Is this normal?Any ideas?

I should note that i returned an Afterglow wireless headset to get this a few days ago.I also noticed on the Afterglow headset that the 3.5 to 3.5 mm cord they give you also was cutting out sound like i mentioned earlier, but only if it was facing a different direction other than straight or normal, sort of like what the xbox live cord is doing.Is it normal for these cords to do that?
3 years ago#2
could the cord be defective and i may have to return it?
3 years ago#3
This is happening with my current mics. Try using a different controller. Could be the port is loose. - Newest Article: Game Journalism
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3 years ago#4
so you think its the controller?But my sound was cutting out when i had one end plugged into the headset and the other end was on the fingers, after taking it out the 360 controller.
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