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3 years ago#1
Crackdown and Dead Rising 2

Leaked by a Polish gaming website.
3 years ago#2
no one knows until microsoft announces it
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3 years ago#3

Good games, but I own them already. I think most people who really wanted these games probably bought them years ago.
3 years ago#4
did not expect a game like dead rising 2 to be one of the free games so thats good but crackdown 1 they should have just made 2 free instead looking forward to both these games though since i never played either of them
3 years ago#5
Yay, two games I already have
3 years ago#6
don't get your hopes up on retail games all the time..
they are including arcade and retail...

Watch something like castle crashers go free
3 years ago#7
Dead Rising 2 seems spurious to me.
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3 years ago#8
Nice link and proof!!!!
No Thanks
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3 years ago#9
stawg007 posted...
Yay, two games I don't have
3 years ago#10
I'd play the first Crackdown again, especially as a ton of people will get it for free, the co-op should be really fun.

DR2- never played it.
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