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Why does my Xbox keep signing me out?

#1AshleyGreene74Posted 7/28/2013 2:22:54 PM
So every time I load up a game, or go back to the dashboard or whatever, I get signed out of my profile. For example, I turn my Xbox on, it auto signs me into LIVE like normal, I load up MW3. When it gets to the main menu it signs me out of my profile, I sign back in, then I choose the " multiplayer tab ", while it's loading it signs me right back out. I sign back in at the multiplayer menu then everything is fine. But if I get done, and go back to the dashboard, it signs me back out while it's loading the dashboard up.

I have it set to where it auto logs my profile in when I turn my Xbox on, I always have. It never started doing this until LIVE was down for those few hours last week. I just started to get annoyed with it now because I haven't played but 25 minutes since then until today.
#2AshleyGreene74(Topic Creator)Posted 7/28/2013 2:47:08 PM
#3sassynipplesPosted 7/31/2013 8:08:12 PM
do you have the beta. are you using a wireless connection?
#4VeryDarkSoulPosted 7/31/2013 8:49:39 PM
make sure the ip your xbox uses has the proper ports open, do the network connectivity test in settings and see if you get an error
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#5Seanie1200Posted 8/1/2013 4:34:18 AM
I had exactly the same problem a couple of weeks back. I posted on here and got a good resopnse with lots of ideas to try but despite all the help and things I tried nothing worked. After a couple of weeks the problem seemed to go away by itself.

Have a look for my thread Losing patience with xbox live for the ideas. Sorry but for some reason I can`t post the link.
#6sleepdrunk122Posted 8/1/2013 5:05:24 AM
Since the beta, mine does this a lot with Netflix, and every time it does, when it signs back in, I'm not gold anymore and gotta restart my system
#7crispixPosted 8/2/2013 2:43:28 PM
I love when people ask for help, and then disappear.

Answer to xbox issue: buy laffy taffy or airheads, chew until sticky, open disc tray and stuff wad inside, you're welcome.