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Has any part of a game made you tear up or cry

#31psprulz2007Posted 8/5/2013 5:24:05 PM
2 games this gen have literally brought tears to my eyes.

PS3: Metal Gear Solid 4.

Xbox 360: Me after an hour of playing NIER realizing Ive wasted my money.
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#32Jhardy12121Posted 8/5/2013 5:34:15 PM
The speech Garrus does in Mass Effect 3 on Earth. Best part of the game and most emotional in the series.
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#33EagleEyedTigerPosted 8/5/2013 5:41:23 PM
I dont really get emotional about fictional things especially games. The closest I ever came was probably the horse in Shadow of the Colossus.

I did get some watery eyes once over a tv show though. That dog at the end of one of Futuramas episodes. I'm sure I'm not the only won who got a little misty over that.
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#34DougEInstructorPosted 8/5/2013 5:47:50 PM
When soap died in modern warfare 3
#35pakathecatPosted 8/5/2013 6:41:03 PM
Some of the dream sequences in Lost Odyssey.

Parts of Xenosaga III, Dragon Quest V, and FF X.

Phantasy Star IV - When Alys dies. That was probably the first game that did so for me.
#36nintendo3000Posted 8/5/2013 6:56:43 PM
Half-Life 2 episode 2 ending.
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#37WhiteAngel50Posted 8/5/2013 7:09:14 PM
Red dead redemption got me good. I was in shock when I saw what happened. I actually teared up
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#38DougEInstructorPosted 8/6/2013 6:56:18 AM
I cried tears of joy when Master Chief finally reunited with Cortana in Halo 3.
#39Mindwipe77Posted 8/6/2013 6:57:44 AM
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#40joegt123Posted 8/6/2013 6:58:15 AM
pakathecat posted...
Some of the dream sequences in Lost Odyssey.

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