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Best JRPG for Xbox 360

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User Info: Rsanqwerty

3 years ago#1
What is the best JRPG for the 360?
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User Info: langystar

3 years ago#2
Lost odyssey

User Info: coldblooded88

3 years ago#3
I enjoyed Tales of Vesperia. Lost Odyssey is a good traditional turned based RPG. I should probably go back and finish it sometime.
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User Info: Link43130

3 years ago#4
Lost odyssey
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User Info: SunDevil77

3 years ago#6
elken posted...
JRPG on the old dvd based xbox360 ? lol 360 is for FPS.

You want to play JRPGs on console get a PS3 or if you are into handhelds get a 3DS or a PSP. what I seek, Kemosabe.
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User Info: Mobius1Rising

3 years ago#7
infinite undiscovery.
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User Info: orangenee

3 years ago#8
Blue Dragon. At least once you get past the 'I won't give up' stage.
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User Info: Jukain

3 years ago#9
Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia, and MagnaCarta II. I can't choose just one. Play all three.
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User Info: badboy

3 years ago#10
Tales of Vesperia
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