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Games with gold for September

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User Info: daynlokki

3 years ago#1
1-15th: Magic 2013
16-30th: Rainbow Six Vegas

User Info: dragunreaver

3 years ago#2
I have those :( , but for those of you who don't... Enjoy! They are great games!

User Info: TheBlueStig

3 years ago#3
daynlokki posted...
1-15th: Magic 2013
16-30th: Rainbow Six Vegas

At least 10 or more other topics already done before this....
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User Info: orangenee

3 years ago#4
FFS, roll on the October speculation topics.

Did you not check the board before TC? I may have to join the dark side with Stig and glassy at this rate.
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User Info: Vivi0198

3 years ago#5
Wow impressive two games I don't own.
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User Info: BCJMU99

3 years ago#6
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User Info: QuBix

3 years ago#7
R6 will maybe get some players online ....great game however they should have gone with R6V2 instead.
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