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xbox live rewards is back up

#81TheBlueStigPosted 9/7/2013 9:29:38 AM
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Anybody else think the playing new games thing should count for any game you play that's new to your account, and not just games released in the past 30 days?

It would be nice, but you can't really complain. Think about where the money goes. Gamer buys $60 game at retail, gets $1 back from Live after playing it. This is the situation now. MS takes in I think about $8 from the royalty, and gives $1 back. That's 12.5% paid back. Now think about the alternatives you're asking for:

1. Gamer buys used game, gets $1 from Live, trades it in, another gamer buys used game, gets $1 from Live, trades it in, etc. etc. in each case MS is taking in nothing and paying out.

2. Gamer buys Platinum Hits game long after it first releases, MS royalty here is presumably half of a $60 game, maybe around $4, and then the gamer gets $1 back from Live. That's 25% paid back.

Yeah I guess that makes sense. It just sucks for me since I rarely buy games at launch. I don't buy used though, either, so I'm still paying MS.

Easy solution, start renting games when they launch.
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I wasn't saying it wasn't an error. =/

>> "Okay, so it seems pretty much any method of having Gold besides buying it from the dash at standard price isn't "valid" form of gold for rewards?"

Okay, so it being an error shows that wasn't accurate. Buying Gold from the dashboard isn't the only valid way to be eligible for rewards.

I obviously meant it might not work, and error or not it isn't working for some people. Ordering from the dash is the only method that apparently ALWAYS works. I'm sorry if you misunderstood, I wasn't anticipating this level of grammatical pedantry.

Dude, all I was doing was saying that prepaid Gold cards should count; they have always counted for me. I'm not trying to prove you wrong. But it seemed like you were under the impression that only Gold subscriptions through the dashboard count. If anyone used a prepaid card and isn't showing up as Gold at Xbox Live Rewards then they should contact support.